Sunday, August 26, 2012

Great White Shark in Ensenada?

A blue whale. The worlds largest animal!
August 22 We had smooth sailing through the night and passed customs in Ensenada. About an hour outside Ensenada we spotted some dolphins and a few blue whales. The largest animal on earth, just a few yards away from the boat.

And then......... Shaaaaaaaaark!

We spotted a shark fin cruising on the surface and didn't know at first, what kind of shark it was. A mako? A Great White? Upon examining the photos, it was a juvenile Great White Shark!Maybe 3-4ft. just a tiny shark, cruising on the surface for a while.
Baby Great White Shark, outside Ensenada

So now we're cruising towards Guadalupe. The Ocean is flat calm, very nice indeed.
August 23 - We had 3 sharks today with some close passes in the afternoon. One of the Sharks we saw has not been seen in 3 years! It's great to have our old friends back.
August 24 - Another great day of Sharking! 6 known sharks along a few unidentified ones. Everyone got to look into a sharks eyes and had him look back. That's probably the experience that hooked me on sharkdiving some 11 years ago. There is no other experience quite like that. If you haven't been there, you just have to come out and see for yourself!
August 25 - Today was great again. It's amazing, how these sharks come by our vessel day after day! The ride home is starting out smooth as well.  Another amazing trip!

Martin Graf
Dive Operations Manager
Horizon Charters
Shark Diver

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