Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Shark-Free Marinas 1500 Marina Push

From the Shark-Free Marinas website this week:

After quite a bit of work from some very capable and knowledgeable people the new Shark-Free Marinas brochures are now available.

They feature artwork generously provided by the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and scientific contributions from many of our advisors.

Click on the image for a larger view of the artwork and message. You may also use the link provided to download a PDF version on the bottom.

As you read this these brochures are speeding their way around the USA destined for 1500 marinas around the country. If you would like to recieve a package of 10 brochures please write to and tell us where you plan to hand them out. We suggest going into your local marina, dive shop, tackle store or classroom to talk about the need to protect our sharks.

A very special thanks to all who were involved especially those who let us use their names, message and artwork.

Download PDF version here.

Capt. Rob Kraut - Talking Sharks

A nice little pro-shark article this week by Florida's Capt. Rob Kraut.

I have been diving in South Florida for 7 years now and have never seen a Bull Shark or a Tiger Shark. I know they are out there but I and most of my dive buddies have never seen them.

Tiger Shark are very identifiable because they have faint stripes like a tiger. Bull Sharks have this huge chest cavity that make them look like Arnold Schwarzeneger if he were a shark.

Complete Article.