Saturday, October 9, 2010

Corkscrew Killers Wine Challenge - Slam Dunk?

There's a fine bottle of wine waiting at our offices for researchers in the U.K to provide "proof" that dead seals washing up along coastlines are not being killed by sharks.

Meanwhile a growing chorus in the media are agreeing with our take that these unfortunate seals are the product of natural predation.

More Corkscrew Killer media this week from Fife in the U.K:

AN East Neuk man thinks he may have solved the mystery as to why dozens of dead seals have been found washed up on the Fife coast.

Donald Low, the relief harbour master at Pittenweem, contacted the Mail to say he thinks there may be a vicious shark on the prowl after a number of the mammals were found with mysterious cuts.

'The Seal Ripper' focused on the unexplained deaths of seals, which were found with 'corkscrew like cuts' near a remote Atlantic island. Whilst filming the programme its makers discovered they were actually being killed by the Greenland Shark, which can grow to 24ft long.

Normally a native of Greenland and Iceland the sharks are thought to be moving into shallower waters in a desperate bid to find food.

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Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge Media

Florida based Paxton Brothers put together a video montage featuring media highlights of the 2010 GHUSC.

The Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge was an unparalleled success, changing shark sport fishing paradigms one event at a time:

Undersea Voyager Project - Catalina Island

For the next 6 weeks the Undersea Voyager Project will be at depth in and around targets on Catalina Island. This is video from one of their first targets, a vintage CIA Lockout Chamber when, during the Cold War, listening stations to track Soviet era submarines were stationed all over the oceans.

Submarine commander Scott Cassell will also be looking for unique shark species as well: