Friday, December 2, 2011

How to attract sharks and influence them

Papua New Guinea. Apparently rubbing a plastic bottle to create vibrations is a something you can do to attract sharks.

Knowing that you can attract sharks is one thing, doing so with no plan for the sharks arrival is something else altogether.

Folks, we have said it before and we'll say it again.

No matter how many times you see commercial shark diving people interacting with sharks, never, NEVER, think to yourself, "hey that's easy I can do that".

Especially at 187 feet where in the event of a bite you would most likely suffer an embolism on your frantic race for the surface:


scubaswimmer said...

Well said!!! We have to remember that we, as divers and snorklers are in their "Home".

Kathy Dowsett

Martin Graf said...

And some people say SHARKS are stupid!
If you want to see sharks, go with a professional!!!

George Askew said...

Was he trying to diminish the IDIOT gene pool or trying for a Darwin Award.

Geez - what a prick. He deserved to get chomped.

George Askew said...

187 feet?? I doubt it with a single tank, and it looks like the depth-gauge shows 28 m.????

George needs better dive gear said...

No, read the gauge again, that's the temp on the bottom in c.