Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gametap Delivers-Play JAWS For Free!

Praise be to the Shark Gods, Buddha, Jebus, or who ever you praise be to-Gametaps giving something away for free. JAWS!

Now we know this blog is not about buying things, so when we heard that you can actually play JAWS for free, we had to go play for ourselves. In JAWS Unleashed you are a freakishly large great white hell bent on oceanic destruction. About the only thing you do not have in this bloody fun game are "Frickin Lazer Beams"...too bad

It's fun to be an apex predator chomping through boats, divers, girls in bikinis...and less.

Here's the trick, you need to download the game player, the whole set up takes about 5 minutes and then it's chomping time baby!

Here's the link

Cue the theme -- there's an oversized shark in the water with a taste for humans. The famous Great White has returned to terrorize the Amity shoreline in Jaws Unleashed, and this time, you control the shark! They're definitely gonna need a bigger boat.

Until December 31st and then you have to pay to play or go join a real shark diving company!

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chan said...

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