Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Great Whale War-Greenpeace vs Sea Shepherd

Can't we all just get along?

It would seem that's not the case-at least in the aptly named "Cooperation Sea" located some 4500 hundred kilometres southwest of Fremantle. Currently two ships are vying for the right to harass Japans illegal whaling fleet...and both sides are hurling verbal harpoons at each other harder than Queequeg on the bow of the good ship Pequod.

In one corner Sea Shepherd know for their "take no prisoners" brand of eco-enforcement, and by that we mean they actually sink ships. In the other corner Greenpeace the long time anti-whalers from the 1970's. Both groups have a long shared history and both groups for all intents have come to hate each other with a passion you would think they reserve only for the whalers they are chasing.

One look at their competing whale blogs and it would seem that Japans whaling fleet has nothing to worry about. If these two ships, the Esperanza and Steve Irwin, come in close range with each other it's going to be an eco smackdown on the high seas.

For our money, we're going with the Steve Irwin-Sea Shepherds boat. They have this nifty little item called a "Can Opener" which is designed to open up the side of a whaling vessel faster than zippers on prom night. We'll keep you updated.


terry said...

I've gotta be honest with you, as much as I've supported Greenpeace for as long as I've known of their existence, I'm with Sea Shepherd on this one (as well as with sharks) - anyone who's already decided to take the trouble go out and slaughter for personal gain will not listen to civilized talk... but it's likely they'll take the risk of a sinking much more seriously.

I watched video of a wonderful dive with mantas at the Revillagigedos islands (Socorro), and right after the divers left the water a fishing boat (illegally) BUTCHERED the very mantas these people were JUST swimming with.
Boats like that MUST be sunk!!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the last comment. I think greenpeace will lose some support as people become more aware of Sea Shepherd.
The two hostages on the Japanese ship was great publicity for Sea Shepherd.
While Sea Shepherd are refuelling and plan to return to intercept the whaling fleet greenpeace have called it a day for this year.

The mere presence of the Steve Irwin makes the Japanese fleet retreat. I really think that if Greenpeace want to be more effective they should work with Sea Shepherd, giving co-ordinates etc.
After all they both are aiming for the same result but have different ways of doing it.

I am a fan of Greenpeace but I dont agree with the witholding of information and having another ship wasting fuel when it could be put to better use.

I hope that Sea Shepherd are successful in getting refuelled and repaired and get back to saving more whales as soon as possible

Anonymous said...

How very sad that these two great organisations can't find it in their hearts to get along. I support both organisations financially and will continue to do so.

This situation is not unknown to me as our local animal rights organisations came together to stop the export of calves, but ended up in so many factions that they all became much less of a fighting force. Members (like myself) gave up merely because of the in-fighting.

Perhaps someone (who would be listened to) from another conservation organisation could bring both sides together and they could start with a clean slate in 2009 - how about it?