Saturday, January 5, 2008

Radisson Hotel-Where's Da Sharks?

So they built another hotel in Berlin. It's got 427 rooms, swimming pool, sauna, steam bath and fitness room.

They also went all out with their high tech conference area on the ground floor-offering a conference foyer and 10 air-conditioned meeting rooms. All pretty standard stuff as far as mega hotels go.

Oh, and it's also got the world's largest cylindrical aquarium, the AquaDom. Filled with one million litres of saltwater and the new home to about 2,500 tropical fish. Making the AquaDom the largest free standing aquarium on the entire planet.

The only problem is that they totally forgot to add the sharks. How can any self respecting hotel with a giant aquarium in the lobby hope for any business without a few sharks swimming around!?

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