Friday, February 15, 2008

Obama vs Hillary

This has nothing to to with shark diving, so please excuse the break in format. It does have almost naked women in it. If you happen to be a Bikini Loving Politico read on.

With the GOP side pretty much wrapped up (Mc Cain) we look towards the Dems and the heated contest between Obama and Hillary.

Here's why you should vote for Obama:

1. The Obama Crush Girls

Pretty much anywhere you go in L.A, New York, San Francisco, Florida and yes even Texas, you'll spot an "OCG".

Simply put, Hillary does not enjoy this kind of hot support. She's completely lacking the kind of bounce that Obama seems to attract. She cannot get the heft, the lift, the milkshakes, the...

O.K, enough of the grade school shots. Seriously speaking, this guys the real deal and it looks like he's going all the way. Look out America, in November it's going to be a show down between the 74 year old Mc Cain and the 44 year old Obama...should be an interesting November.

Now onto the video that launched 600,000,000 views on You Tube and swung our vote:

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