Friday, February 22, 2008

Shark Diving "Blue Wilderness"

One of our blog fans sent us this link and video from a company in South Africa called Blue Wilderness . We told you about these guys last week. Here's the quote from their travel blog:

"Blue Wilderness does something a little different. They let you actually scuba dive with the sharks. That means no cage. No protection. No sh*t. Tiger sharks are what they’re looking for here. They’re big. 8-10 meters and they have stripes like, you guessed it, a tiger. More abundant are Black Tips which are much smaller, and have black tips on their fins. There’s also Whale Sharks, which are as big as a…you get the picture."

O.K so not the most eloquent description of a shark diving company, but heartfelt. The crew here at Shark Diver were impressed with the Washing Machine Drum Chum Machine, now that's cool...and so is this video:

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