Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jumping the Shark

The term has come to be known when a website, film/television franchise or company is at or near it's end-pulling one last stunt in an effort to get ratings.

For Fonzie and the gang this was the last hurrah. Old school Bikini's and all.

This moment in television we found on You Tube and here it is. One question: "who shot the original Tiger Shark footage for this show?"


film diver said...

The footage was shot by ron and val taylor back in 1975

James Richard said...

no way that was old footage from a james bond flick shot in the bahamas

the One called "Bitey".... said...

jeez, talk about milking a quarter-page of script for all it's worth... the tension becomes a bore!
(that footage was definitely not from Thunderball, if that's what you're thinking....)

brenda said...

the shark footage was not shot by ron and val taylor but is part of a 70's documentary shot by stan waterman and crew in florida 1973

Shark Diver said...

Hey Bitey,

Those are seriously good Tiger shots from Fiji. You should consider your own website with them for more exposure.

Jason said...

You're all wrong footage is vintage Jack Hannah from 1975, Florida.