Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You Know You're Doing Well When...

This morning one of our blog fans sent in a link to another sharky website. We're not going to mention it by name-but it was nice to see they have all but completely copied our format.

In the dive industry and the shark diving industry there are leaders, dreamers, and all the rest.

Our little shark blog hit the Internet back in December with it's off hand brand of looking at the people in shark diving industry and the oceans eco side.

It was a hit. Thanks to our readers who liked what they saw and wanted more.

We're happy to see "others" out there copying what we do. In a strange way having someone copy you is a nice compliment. In a strange way.

It would be nice to see them come up with something original for a change as well, but like we said there's the dreamers and all the rest. Heck we'll take the compliment;)


Big Dawg Divers said...

We saw the that other site today. They don't look like they are doing a very good job of copy catting. You guys rock!

Steamdiver said...

Those other guys have a crappy website compared to yours keep doing what you do shark divers!

Anonymous said...

more of the same you guys keep it fresh, loved the story about the seals last month