Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rumors-Acquisition-Dive Boats

Heard at the water cooler this morning (Actually in St.Thomas this week) the following dive industry rumor:

Aggressor Diving is in acquisition of Peter Hughes Diving.

It's been an open secret for the past two years that Peter Hughes has been interested in a buyer.

Exactly when the announcement of this new merger will take place is rumored to be sometime in the next three weeks.

We'll keep you updated. With the cost of fuel rising to astronomical levels expect more mergers and buyouts within the dive industry in the next year or two.


Anonymous said...

Rumors are always more exciting than the truth.

Shark Diver said...

Try this on for the size. One person/company bought both Aggressor and Peter Hughes.

That's the latest from a trusted elder in the community. All that remains is the press release.