Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shark Trust Wines, Sharky Good Vino

Our friends at Shark Trust Wines asked us to provide a testimonial for their website. For the past few years we have fully supported the efforts of this scrappy little wine company to spread the word about sharks and shark conservation...oh, and it's great wine as well:

When we first "discovered" Shark Trust Wines I was excited about the prospects of a "wine company with a conscience". Traditionally wines focus on the message of the wine. Here was one that focused on the understanding and knowledge of sharks with 10% back to shark causes.

As the CEO of a shark diving company I fully understand the power of the shark. People are simply fascinated by these animals, they will travel half way around the planet to see them in person and millions of viewers tune into shows like BBC Blue Planet and Shark Week each year.

Shark Trust wines taps into that shark conscience and directs the consumer into action, through the purchase, and the enjoyment of the product. We stand behind this wine brand because it is a forward thinking "smart wine".

In an age where consumers are increasingly looking at their buying power as a way to effect change, we support that change and look forward to supplying this product on all our shark diving vessels in the years to come.

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