Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shark Tech-Really Bad Idea

In the world of undersea gizmo's that a diver can get a hold of-this one ranks as the worst idea we have seen in the last ten years since the "underwater soup straw".

Welcome to the "Wasp" a standard dive knife with a kick.

Pumping several thousand psi of compressed air into whatever you decide to stab that's swimming by, it's guaranteed to baloon-i-fy even the most curious, bass, seal, nurse shark, or Al Qaeda type you may encounter in today's vicious oceans.


Bad idea-interesting video. Frankly there's just not anything all that scary diving these days to warrant something this crazy in the hands of any diver at 60 feet.


Frank 'The Tank' said...

This is insane! This just feeds the hysteria that the American public has towards sharks. There's no need for such a weapon and I hope it never sees the light of day!

Tariq said...

HEeey thats a graight idéa.
It shoult be reanamed "wasp safety air knife"
and a new slogan
"who need's the octopus when you can stab the air in his lung?"