Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Big Fish Utila-New Whale Shark Film

Utila (U-Tilla), Honduras is home to dollar beers and one of the coolest bars set in a tree in the entire region. It is also home to Whale Sharks and a nascent shark diving industry.

Now, a new film has come out that tackles the many issues of commercial shark diving head on. If the films trailer is any indication-this should be a landmark documentary:

Big Fish Utila does more than impress the audience with breath taking pictures and fantastic music. It is a look at a shark and an island, and how the two are intrinsically linked and inter-dependant. It is not an advert for the whale shark tour industry or for Utila. The filmmakers strived to create an honest account of a habitat that is being damaged by a population that is growing too fast. It looks at both the fishing and tourist industries with a view of making them more accountable for their actions, whilst trying to understand their point of view. It also gives space to in-depth information about the shark and on emerging technologies that are helping to give us more vital information.


Anonymous said...

I noticed Steve Fox in that film clip. It's a shame they added him. His operation is a complete shambles and he's not well regarded on the island.

Unknown said...

isn't the above comment a cheap shot and slander? Sounds like it. Steve has actually been working alongside many research organisations and individuals globally to better understand the sharks and raise awareness. He is one of the handful of people on the island who actually do something as opposed to simply talking about it. As for not being well regarded on the island that is a complete joke.
Mark, if you don't like the guy no problems but please keep your personal opinions to yourself.

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

That's more of an "opine" as to Steve Fox's character and operational prowess.

As such we'll allow it.

By the way "Dan/Steve" we checked on your blog and this is what came up:

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If you're a Blogger user, we encourage you to enable access to your Profile.

Yes-we also encourage you to share the love "Dan/Steve".