Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bigfoot Found? Nothing Sharky About It

The blog sphere just lit up with the unexpected news that Bigfoot has been found...and no this is not a joke.

According to about 320 alternate sources-Tom Biscardi, Bigfoot hunter and part time huckster will unveil DNA, video and images, but not the actual specimen he "collected" in Georgia on Friday.

The supposed discoverers, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, are believed to have shot the 500lb critter in the woods of northern Georgia. Whitton is a Clayton County police officer who has been on medical leave after being shot himself in July and Dyer is a former correctional officer, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

As of this morning, Pacific time, Biscardi's website had crashed (there's a lot of cryptophiles out there) with few further details. We loves our monsters.

We'll keep you updated-actually we won't-but you can check in for regular updates at these sites. After all, we're all about sharks, not Bigfoot:

eFlux Media

Crunch Gear (Images)


Tom said...

Fake, fake, fake!

Mr. Bluze said...

What a crock of swamp gas. After examining the photo in the freezer, it is quite obvious to me that this is a fake picture. I am a professional expert with photo shop, and the photo itself is real, but it is not bigfoot. After removing the shadows, adjusting contrast and levels, and enhancing the resolution as much as possible, the details show up much better. It is a cheap gorilla suit submerged conveniently in dark liquid. There is no way that a creature of the dimensions stated could fit in a freezer of that size after it has been accurately compared to the men standing next to it in other photos. There are animal entrails added for effect as well as a thin tongue and some fake teeth that do not even fit in the mouth. If Matt is a cop, he better look for a new line of work.
It also seems to me that a find of this potential importance would at least warrant a photo of decent enough resolution to be verifiable, or legible. It looks like every other fake I have ever seen. It is actually not a particularly elaborate fake either