Saturday, August 2, 2008

Canada-Maple Syrup, Nice People and Sharks?

According to a recent study more than 100 million sharks inhabit the cold dark miserable waters off Canada's Atlantic coast.

Here's a quick run down of what you might see if you were to dive there:


Of about 400 species of sharks found in the world’s oceans, 19 of those species are regularly found in or are occasional visitors to Atlantic Canadian waters:

•Atlantic sharpnose shark

•Basking shark

•Black dogfish shark

•Blue shark

Deepsea cat shark

•Dusky shark

•Great white shark

•Greenland shark

•Oceanic whitetip shark

Porbeagle shark

•Portuguese shark

•Rough sagre shark

•Sand tiger shark

Shortfin mako shark

•Smooth dogfish shark

•Smooth hammerhead shark

•Spiny dogfish shark

•Thresher shark

•Tiger shark

Editors Note: The critter in this picture is the Porbeagle shark, a close relative of Alaska's Salmon shark and a distant relative of the Great White shark...the thing coming out of it's mouth is a strawberry flavored liquorice whip. Shark researchers have found this flavour calms the sharks so they can work on them better.


DaShark said...

It may interest you that The Rustic Candy Shop ( sells strawberry flavored licorice...

... Suckers! Guaranteed to make you smile!

Quite a fitting choice of words I found. And it aint even April 1st...

Shark Diver said...

We're just glad someone reads this blog!

Anonymous said...

That's a hose idiots!

DaShark said...

"Idiot" ???


Gee, buddy, chill out........ tell'ya what, have a Sucker!

Shark Diver said...

Clearly someone did not read our comment policy. Although that's not exactly a cheap shot nor slander as we have been called "idiots" on many occasions better people.

You are right that is a hose and not a strawberry flavored licorice whip.

Thanks for the heads up.