Monday, August 4, 2008

GEERG-You want to dive with the Greenland Shark?

Canada is fast becoming the "land of sharks" and none more sexy than the ice cold Greenland Shark. Turns out an estimated 100 million sharks live off Canada's shores...good luck seeing any of them as the waters here tend to run from pea soup to Beijing smog on a good day.

We blogged about this unlikely critter a few months ago and now would like to introduce you to the cutting edge guys who make shark diving with these cold water animals a reality:

The mission of GEERG is to study the Greenland shark and other Canadian shark species in their natural environment in order to better understand and protect them. The results of our work are made available to the scientific community and to the general public, in particular to sport divers, educational institutions, schools and museums.

Editors Note: Kudos to GEERG's webmaster. The video player is a nice touch and we're impressed with the mission statement. Overall great website, pro shark and hugely informative.


DaShark said...

Good on them!

And what a difference to Discovery's disgraceful kill fest!

GEERG said...

Dear Shark Diver,

Thanks for the post. You've made my day.

- Jeffrey (GEERG Director and Webmaster)

Shark Diver said...

No Worries,

You have one of the most impressive shark sites on the net right now. Great images and wording.