Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Isla Guadalupe Trip Report 8.26.2008

Another stellar week at Isla Guadalupe although our seasonal record was broken this week:

Hi All,

We didn't have the beautiful sunrises that we are accustomed to at Guadalupe the fog bank at the top of the 4000' island peak saw to that, but we had amazing weather to make up for it.

Glassy calm sea once again today with 80 degrees on the back deck under sunny skies once that fog broke. The water was a balmy 71 degrees, with vis in the 100 foot range. Sharking was slow this morning with deep passes being the norm. We broke our string of 44 straight cage rotations spanning two trips with at least one shark in play.

We had one rotation without a shark this morning...oh my! But we made up for it as the action got good this afternoon with 4 sharks arriving on scene by 1:30. The remainder of the afternoon was filled up with Mau and three others that we have not yet ID'd monopolizing the back deck and our divers attention.

We also had a 3 foot blue shark arrive on quickly left as it's larger cousins gave it a scare. Boy he walked off into the rough part of town!

We're now underway heading toward San Diego with 16 happy Shark Divers we'll update you if we see anything like last weeks Blue Whales and Hammerheads!

Adios,Captain Greg

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