Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lowly Leopards in La Jolla-Chris Bahnsen

Chris Bahnsen, shark writer and adventure seeker extraordinaire, has just completed another article about shark diving for the L.A Times.

His subject this time-the lowly Leopard Shark-a shark species in our opinion that gets virtually no play in California, even though this critter is simply gorgeous to look at.

You'll remember Chris from the expose he did on Shark Diver a few seasons ago for the L.A Times:

As many as 30 sharks skulk around these waters most of the year. Those numbers grow to more than 200 animals during the hottest months of July through mid-September, when water temps max at 70 degrees. Locals explain away the summer shark phenomenon as a breeding ritual, but, among scientists, this behavior is not fully understood.

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