Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shark Diving East Coast-Snappa Charters

One of the things we love about our industry are those that started it all. The few forward looking operations who, on a whim, built the first cages and lowered them into their home waters...hoping to see a shark.

Without a doubt if you're looking for one of these operations you need not look much further than Snappa Charters and captain Charlie Donilon. When we first looked at the world of shark diving in the USA many years ago-Snappa Charters was one of a small hand full of plucky industry leading operations. The good news is they're still going strong and summer isn't over just yet:

Snappa Fishing Diving Charters has been incorporated for 26 years. We offer both inshore and offshore fishing trips, shark cage diving, ash burials at sea, bird watching and lighthouse tours. Private groups and individuals are welcome.

We have been seen on National Geographic Explorer, NESN and Chronicle. Feature articles have appeared in the Wall St. Journal, Boston Globe, Yankee Magazine, and the Rodale's Scuba Diving.

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