Friday, September 5, 2008

Update from Nantucket Shark Diving

A while back we introduced you to Nantucket Shark Diving and owner Bryce Rohrer for those of you on the East coast with the shark diving itch.

Here's the latest site update from him. Summer's still here and the waters fine:

Hi Patric,

Been about a month and wanted to give you a report from the North
East. We've been capturing some great footage of mako sharks this
season. We have been averaging 2-5 makos a day and 1-3 blues.
Usually its the reverse, more blues than makos. With the water temps
falling a bit and fall right here the blues are coming back. We had a
large 300lb fish stick around the boat for about 3 hours last saturday
acting just like a big shark. Slow methodical passes once every 10-15
mintues, knowing exactly where to go.

Most of our makos have been in the 80 - 200 lb. range and have had a few buzz me pretty good while shooting, the fish out here are used to eating swords and tuna bigger than them so they can get pretty sporty. I am still on the hunt for Great Whites and will start making trips east of the island in the coming month to try and chum one up...Hope all is good on your end...Will keep you updated on a hopefull Sept. and Oct. with some big fall sharks.


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