Thursday, October 16, 2008

Isla Guadalupe-Jeff and Pat Stein

Shark Divers Jeff and Pat Stein joined us recently at Isla Guadalupe For a couple who had been waiting a few years to experience the great white shark, this expedition was everything they had hoped for.

Trip Report

This trip is something Jeff wanted to do all his life. He was not disappointed. It was more than he ever imagined. We had never done anything like this before and we were a little afraid. The first time Jeff went down he was shaking so hard he could hardly hold the camera. But once he was in the water he had a great time. He gets tears in his eyes when talking about the trip and says it was life changing to him because he is so into saving the sharks efforts.

We have to mention how helpful the crew and Luke were. Pat was shot a few years ago and as a result has a foot that doesn't work properly. This made things a little hard for her to get in and out of the water. All of the crew were so kind in helping her. Also, the first time she went in the water she kind of panicked, so Luke took her a step at a time and got her into the water. She was afraid she would not make it, but was so happy he got her into the water so she could see all the beautiful sharks.

She saw so many sharks and some very close up and personal. Also, on the last days the captain took us close to the island so we could see the seals and sea lions and explained the differences between them. He also, told us about the history of the island. Very interesting!!

We also must mention "Skippy" the cook. The food was awesome!!! He was very nice and made exceptions in the menu with kindness and grace.This was truly a trip of a live time and we highly recommend it to everyone we talk to.

P.S Jeff says he would love to do it again.

Peace out, Jeff & Pat

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Tim and Sandia said...

We agree it was an epic trip guys thanks!