Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shark Diver-Industry thoughts

As the year begins to close out on us here at Shark Diver and we wrap up our final 6 day adventure with Great Whites this week, we took a moment to look back on over 600 posts from 2008.

As a global 215 million dollar industry we saw and commented on a wide range of issues. Not everyone agrees with us. Here's some of our favorites:

Shark Diver-“Noblesse Oblige”

Sharks and Tourism-"Monetizing" is not a "dirty word"

Extreme Shark Diving-Bad Idea or Industry Trend?

Sharks-The Problem with Florida

Shark Diving Analysis-Mexico, South Africa, Bahamas, California

Old School Sharks-Renewable or Raw Product?

Snubbing "Shredder" the shark

Shark Tourism The Race for a Species

Re-Casting Sharks-Suzannah

Shark-Free Marinas Initiative, Bahamas

Stinkin' Dead Shark Award October 2008

Isla Guadalupe-Eco Tour "Bizzaro Land"

Making the Case for "Sustainable Shark Diving"

Shark Conservation? Anyone? Anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Kudo's guys your blog is hands down one of THE best out there. For the record we agree about 89% of time time with you, regardless you got the pulse. Keep up the great work!