Sunday, January 25, 2009

Goblin Girl... on shark diving!

So, I have my sisters four year old standing next to me trying to make a hostile take over of the computer so I will have to be quick! (Maybe he is still angry with me since I knocked him out the first time I tried playing wii this afternoon. By the way, I hope to be able to report later about my experience of goblin shark diving in the game "Endless ocean", or as it is called in the U.S., "Forever blue".)

I'm very flattered to have been asked to contribute to this nice blog. I will go out lightly by presenting a short video clip, that proves why I'm qualified to post on a shark diving blog - even if the videoclip is from an aquarium. (Also, I want to try how it works using blogger - I'm used to myspace).

Shark dive 1

If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to ask me!



Sarah and Stephan said...

Woot, Goblin Girls first post!

Go Goblin, Go Goblin!

Nice video too, can you embed them next time so we can stay on the site?

Shark Diver said...

We added the embed for her;) Nice dive GG.

Charlott - the Goblin girl said...

Like I said in the post, it will take some time for me to learn how to use this! But I think I will have to explore this at home in the next few days, since I'm currently visiting my sisters family with three kids (all in shark t-shirts and shark socks from their aunt) hanging on to me like remoras!