Tuesday, February 3, 2009

If it's Tuesday "Mr.White" is at San Onofre

What was once a surfers secret, became a researchers secret, and now is the open secret.

San Onofre, California, is a very sharky place.

If you have ever had the absolute pleasure of being in the company of shark watcher Ralph Collier from the Shark Research Committee (as we have) he'll tell you the reason why.

According to him most the critters you will find at San Onofre over the next three months are juveniles who are there for the annual Grunion Run. The Grunion (small bait fish) are filled with high calorie eggs, think of these little fish as "white shark power bars" and the whites who are swimming these waters are scooping them up by the mouthful in an all-you-can-eat three month shark buffet.

As for the surfers? Unless you are paddling out to the lineup wearing a pair of vintage silver sequined Micheal Jackson Thriller Gloves you should be fine.

It was no surprise to read another blog post from the surf community about this seasonal event because if it's any date over the next three months "Mr.White" is at San Onofre

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