Friday, March 6, 2009

Carnival of the Blue - Bigger than a Breadbox

And twice as fun. For the past two years Mark Powell over at the Blogfish blog has been accumulating a monthly meeting of the best "Blue Blog" submissions. The results each month are very entertaining:

Welcome one and all to the twenty-second installment of this monthly meeting of ocean mirth we call the Carnival of the Blue. For nearly two years now, bloggers world-wide have rallied to fill this monthly compendium with their favorite writings on ocean science, conservation, natural history, art, photography, history, critical analysis, and much more.

Read this months Carnival members and no we're not in this months COB since we failed to submit anything. The end of the month comes up on you kinda quick, you know?

Apparently being written up in this months Playboy magazine does not qualify one to be in the COB;)


Jason R said...

The Carnival of the Blue migrates from host to host each month. A list of upcoming locations is available here:

To participate, just send your fave entry or two from the past month to the next host.

And if anyone wants to act as host, it looks like July and August are still open. Just contact Mr. Blogfish (Mark).

Shark Diver said...

Oh we're on this!

The blogfish blog is great;)