Thursday, March 5, 2009

Neptune's Chariot - Mobile Shark Cage

Hold all our calls and take the kids out of school, we think we just came across something pretty unique.

For the past 30 years shark cage systems have been, for the most part, static. A big industry breakthrough happened a few years back with a clear cylindrical cage system in South Africa.

Unfortunately the material cost of cage systems like these makes the advancement of shark human interactions with cages a basic proposition...until today.

Welcome to Neptune's Chariot one mans dream for closer, mobile encounters, with the world's sharks:

I am presenting Neptune's Chariot, a high performance mobile shark cage. This chariot is designed to provide protection from some predatory animals, but also designed to allow a human to peddle efficiently through the water. The cage gives its occupant the piece of mind to swim out over the ledge, taking the creep out of the deep. Sharks can be enjoyed instead of feared, but always respected from the inside of Neptune's Chariot.

We like it, kudos to inventor Stephan Logie for looking at our industry and shark interactions in a new way.


Christie Lynn said...

Wait... how does it work? I can't visualize it...

Shark Diver said...


You pull on that lever there...then the flipper thingy serves the latte...then there's that gizmondo over there you press, twice.

No idea how this works, we just like anyone who looks into the world and "imagines"!

Big Dawg Divers said...

Cool I want 2