Monday, March 23, 2009

Shark Fins - A Question of Poverty

We all know the financial incentive for sharks fin is hard to pass up. We also know an estimated 60-100 million sharks are taken each and every year...but is anyone addressing the 300lb elephant in the room, regional poverty?

Last week Why Shark Matter blog touched on the topic of subsistance fishing and how shark fins are changing the game. Too often people dismiss the issue of regional poverty and sniff at the idea of poor fishermen.

Without effective and long lasting financial re-incentives, these poor fishermen will continue to kill sharks for fins in a bloody and ongoing race for quick cash.

We're glad to see someone talking about it. While you're there watch the video.


Unknown said...

Poor fishermen??? Well, when they fish in illegal waters that makes them criminals. Is it okay for someone to steal or commit crime because they are poor?

I agree there has to be a sustainable solution to the livelihood of these people. The situation is similar in Bolivia, Peru, and Colombia with the Coca leaf farmers.

I wonder why no one has organized a proposal competition to allow others to submit sustainable ideas for regions to possibly implement. Don't just shout and point fingers, suggest (I am not saying this to the author of the post - just in general).

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

That happens to be a great idea. Needs funding though. Maybe we'll take it on, we'll get back to you.