Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wild Ride - Bitter, Broken, Filmmaker?

We read with some interest about a new shark doco in the Daily Telegraph today.

David Ireland, the Original Wildlife Man, is promoting a new shark film having just returned from Bora Bora in French Polynesia where he was filmed "shark wrangling" as part of his next project - a movie which combines fictional drama and wildlife documentary:

The story revolves around a bitter, broken documentary maker, living as a recluse, who is convinced to make another wildlife film to fund an operation to save a sick little girl.

Editors Note: Show us one serious documentary filmmaker who is not living as a recluse, and very bitter to boot. Apologies in advance the many filmmakers we know and love;)

Editors Other Note: Seriously, who read THAT show pitch and decided to fund it?


DaShark said...

David is actually a good man, respectful & professional.

I was initially somewhat irritated by the macho antics of his marketing, but hey that's marketing I guess. PLUS he's an Ozzie! Need I say more.

We had him over last year,see and thoroughly enjoyed meeting him.

As to that storyline, well, what can I say.... but it sure beats throwing hams & turkeys at Sharks if u ask me...

Shark Diver said...

100% of the amusement was generated by the Daily Telegraph coverage.

I checked his site and some of his clips seems like a nice chappie.

Still unsure about the show format, seriously, here we are pitching all these Sharky Blue Planet shows and a bitter, broken filmmaker, recluse gets bought?

Back to the drawing board;)

Shark Diver said...

Oh, anything is better than the ham, turkey, and side 'o beef schtick.

And shame on any operator who works/enables those guys to do more of the same.

Hmmm anyone we know?