Saturday, April 18, 2009

Goblin girl on... sharky holiday destinations!

I'm suffering from allergy, so now when it is spring time I walk around like a zombie, always tired and with a runny nose. The last days I have started to hallucinate about a long sandy beach, some palm trees and lots and lots of sharks! Somewhere in this picture I can see myself as well... The question is: where do I go?! I have a few criteria: it must be affordable for a poor swedish marine biologist, not too advanced when it comes to diving since I'm only a open water diver and there should be A LOT of sharks! Any suggestions? Anyone that needs some sharky field work done?!

This picutre is taken in paradise! Five years ago I went there on a job. We made a shark film in Rangiroa, French Polynesia. It is sometimes shown on Animal planet. "Science of shark sex" it is called. Anyway, there are lots and lots of grey reef sharks in the famous Tiputa pass, and the mating of these animals was all that this film was about. The problem for me was that the sharks gathered at 50 m and deeper. I didn't get to see any of these at all! Instead I snorkled with blacktip and whitetip reef sharks and fed some lemon sharks - which was still better than nothing.
I've been thinking of liveaboards in the Red Sea, but my ears always tends to be a problem after a few dives... The Maldives could be nice I guess, but not cheap... Any ideas of where I should go?!


janice said...

Maldives is a great place to go great diving!

Anonymous said...

Maldives is the perfect place! Yeah, it's quite expensive but really worth it. Tranquil tropical islands, palm trees, white beaches and fabulous coral reefs. You can try to check out this site they have great rates on their liveaboard.