Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kicking the Shark Diving Industry 2.0

You do not get close to 18,000 blog readers a month without having some sort of pull...or not.

Our mysterious You Tube "shark diving industry hater" at one point discreetly removed his video entitled Shark Divers from the line up.

Note: That was two hours ago our hater has come back with the same video, the same schtick, and the same damaging images.But not before some industry folks weighed in on the topic, opening a can of worms on the matter, in some ways necessary.

Do we at this blog really care? Yes and no. As industry advocates this video is a self serving media bomb and everyone knows it. For the two operations featured and made to look like fools, singling them out for local lawmaker wrath both in the Bahamas and a near cage breach at Isla Guadalupe seems like the ultimate insult. They know who shot this and the final disposition of this videos longevity on the net is ultimately up to them.

Suffice to say our commercial company is happy not to have "friends" like this!

To the producer of "Shark Divers", may we suggest you burn that reel, lest you never gain access to another dive boat, pier or bathtub in our industry - ever again.


Felix Leander said...

Seems like the video is back up - just posted it...

Shark Diver said...

Yes we saw it too - this is classic media spin. Why don't you speak with the the guy who shot that footage and included your Dad.

Leagally he's required to have a release to use any image of anyone with their consent.

I am assuming he does not have your tribes consent to use this?

Shark Diver said...

We also got the backgrounder on the person who did this video. I am surprised, it's a well known name in the industry.

Had a lot of respect for him - until yesterday.

Felix Leander said...

Will this be made public?