Tuesday, May 26, 2009



Damien said...

Good grief - on DISCOVERY channel now less??????

Okay - these people need to go away - preferably by being eaten slowly by a Great White - or three.

I am all for putting sharks in the spotlight to highlight their plight - but this is stoopid.

Sir Attenborough would NOT approve.

DaShark said...

Thank you Patric.

I just got copied on an e-mail calling him the Osama Fin Laden of Sharks. Very funny but really, in my book, he's just a tool, albeit a singularly stupid one.

The real axis of evil are Discovery who finance and air the garbage, Gurney who go and pitch that rubbish in the first place and finally, the enablers.

To me, the latter are really the saddest and most puzzling component as they don't seem to realize the harm they bestow on the very animals they depend on.

Very difficult to comprehend as when confronted, every single one of them will get vocal and emotional about their "love" of Sharks and vehemently deny any allegation that they are just exploiting them - which in the present case, is exactly what has happened.

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

It's desperate. The enablers are by far the worst lot. I am tired of making excuses for them in gov meetings and policy convos.

They see sharks through a narrow prism.

They do not "love sharks", or perhaps they do. I have been thinking a lot about this one.

The "love" they espouse towards sharks comes from the "feeling" they get from the high energy encounters the amped sharks deliver to them under the glare of the camera lens.

That's not "love". Anything but.

Conservation get's mixed up in this "love" delivering this weird hybrid industry thing that we are now seeing all over the place.

Bad programming lead by less than credible guides.

How do you get the "shark love junkie" off the fix before it is too late?

Anonymous said...


Strouds shark shows are a joke but they get ratings. If he wants to look like an ass on television and DC gets ratings what's the beef?

DaShark said...

If I may... and I know, this isn't our blog...

Anonymous, you're of course spot on, why should anybody care.

Thing is, we're committed to protecting Sharks and those programs are diametrically opposed to our aims by perpetuating the image of the killer monsters.

Yes, many of us are members of the Shark Diving Industry and as such, we're of course interested in making money and we also welcome getting the global exposure Discovery can provide.

But not like that - all the more as there are alternatives, as in programs that are intriguing and exciting whilst portraying Sharks as what they really are: fascinating, iconic and yes, potentially lethal - but also highly vulnerable and in need of protection.
Plenty of good stories out there if only the producers took the time to go and learn about them.

Think "big cats" and you should understand where I'm coming from.