Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Save Our Seas - Thomas P. Peschak

Once in a great while someone in our industry comes to the table with compelling, reasonable, and frankly conservation changing media (see video). This week our hats come off to photographer Thomas P. Peschak who along with the Save Our Seas Foundation have taken on the issue of South African Shark nets.

We have been talking about this issue for many months after the first, second and then third Tiger shark kills at Aliwal shoal. This is conservation action at work, spending time, money and resources to bring home an issue and help save sharks on a regional level. This is also industry leadership.

Kudos to everyone involved. SOS has hit a home run with this effort. Please support them.

Thomas P. Peschak is an award winning photojournalist and marine biologist based in Cape Town, South Africa. He is the chief photographer for the Save our Seas Foundation and travels extensively to document shark conservation and research around the world.

Download Tom Peschak's Africa Geographic article as a PDF here.

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