Friday, June 12, 2009

Deadly Waters, Sharkbite Summer...

The 2009 line up of Shark Week starts August 2, with a series of programs designed for one thing only, thrills and sensationalist television.

Brought to you by a small handful of operators and self styled shark researchers who have yet to fully understand the negative impact of their actions on sharks.

While a growing industry chorus demands that Discovery Networks cease programming that harms the perception of sharks - we would like to propose a second action. Let's take a "hard look" at our own industry and individual members who enable productions like these.

Ironically we all know who are behind these productions, and many of those involved profess to love sharks. Some are even actively and recently engaged in shark conservation efforts.

To what end?

Folks, it's not Discovery Networks problem, they are just doing what they do because we allow them to do it. Let's stop booking the vessels that enable the productions, let's start calling out the operators who enable the access to these sharks.

Let's start by cleaning our own house.

Yes, we know, it's a radical and once again unpopular thought.

But then again this blog has never towed the company line. Ever.


Felix Leander said...

What about the cameramen, researchers, production companies, dive guides, etc., etc...while I get that the operators in a way are the gatekeepers - we cannot put the sole responsibility or fault in their hands. - eventually someone will take out the production crews...I believe that happened in Fiji?

So if we point fingers - we have to point at everyone...

Shark Diver said...

All valid points. A good first step would be the following:

1. A self styled industry contract signed by individual operators banning their involvement shark porn productions.

2. Set guidelines of what constitutes "shark porn".

3. Certification of operations with a logo on their websites announcing the contract.

Pointing fingers is useless unless it is backed up by some strong industry leadership.

Mind you, there are a few industry members who need to be called out for doing very bad things with sharks and then calling their involvement an accident, or blaming the production company.

That's this blogs opinion.

We can howl at DC all we want but this starts with the industry first.

Anonymous said...

Yup is cameraman is safe???
Getting a Payday advance is just a few steps away