Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rednecks from Central Casting

If you were say, a producer, and you wanted to put together a reality television show about say, shark fishing...and you wanted to make the cast look like "beer swilling,knuckle dragging rednecks" - who would you cast?

Sadly this is not a hypothetical stream of consciousness. This show actually happened, and yes they did cast "beer swilling, knuckle dragging rednecks".

Sit back and enjoy, "zero to psychotic in 30 seconds". The guy at the start of this clip reminds us of someone we know:


DaShark said...


I thought I had seen this shit before - went rummaging and Lo:

At least in those times, the Gurney guys were honest about what they thought of Sharks.

Shark Diver said...

THAT was a Gurney Production!?

No, say it ain't so Joe. There's no way that production was Gurney, they would never.

DaShark said...

How about item #13 on this list - sounds awfully close!

Shark Diver said...

No I say, no it cannot believe it. I refuse to believe it. They are always so sharky with their programming and careful with the animals and how they portray them.

Remember that meat stuffed scuba diver dummy and the Tigers in the Bahamas?

How about that other show?

Wait a minute...

ggphoto said...

I love the fact the guy at the end say's " things will be good with the wife for a night or two "

Brilliant! He should write a book on how to save your relationship!

Randy said...

Hey that guy looks like...seriously;)

Sharkin John said...

10 minutes of garbage on film! I realize the commercial shark fishing industry and shark finning is the current biggest threat to sharks as a whole, but those factors should make trophy hunters all the more conservation minded.

Anonymous said...

Which was Gurney production???

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