Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shark Diving


DaShark said...

Thank you for your unwavering support in this guys!

Together with the petition and your Contract for Sharks, we're certainly all trying to contribute to better mutual understanding and co-operation.

Discovery are a very important player and it would be just great if they would finally revert back to the "good old days" where they educated millions of people about what Sharks really are.

I realize that they just cannot limit themselves to only showing heart-breaking scenes of Sharks being killed and finned - but there are many other exciting Shark stories out there without having to always go back and re-hash those phony experiments simulating attack scenarios.

In that context, this is a prime opportunity for film-makers to go and pitch better programs - but I'm sure it is already happening on the quiet.

Shark Diver said...

You guys absolutely put yourselves out there taking a leadership stance that few in this industry would dare.

That gains our respect.

In our industry you respect "those that do", the brave,the few,the innovative.

Someone has to be the point man for important shark issues.

Well done.