Monday, June 1, 2009

Tiger Shark 1 - Sea Horse 0

Apparently in Fiji when a horse dies they add it to the food chain. In this case one very hungry Tiger. Shame no one jumped in with a camera for the underwater POV:

Mike you know anything about this?

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DaShark said...

Whow, very cool!

Nah, no idea!
But February is the wet season and there is a line of thought that the Tigers may be aggregating at the river mouths waiting for carrion brought down by the floods.

We concentrate on the Bulls but this is certainly a testable hypothesis, the more as this year, we are concentrating on the rivers and placing receivers there.
This is mainly in order identify the Bull Shark nurseries but we could be tempted to tag a Tiger or two in the process.

Will dig around a bit and tell you more if/when I manage to get some additional info.

Kudos, great find!