Friday, July 10, 2009

Commercial Shark Season Closed - News

Good news for sharks off the east coast of the USA about a comprehensive closure of commercial shark fishing species.

But is it too little too late?

The National Marine Fisheries Service closed the Atlantic commercial fishery for non-sandbar large coastal sharks on July 1, after catches in the first half of the year met the weight quota for 2009. The closure -- which includes all state and federal waters from Maine to Florida -- applies to silky, tiger, blacktip, spinner, bull, lemon, nurse, scalloped hammerheads, great hammerhead and smooth hammerhead sharks.

Shark species not listed, such as mako and thresher, can still be landed.

However, Mike Luisi, deputy assistant director of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, said the closure would not have much effect on local fishermen.

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