Sunday, July 19, 2009

Goblin girl on... Endless Ocean!

At the moment I'm looking after my three beloved godchildren while my sister got a well deserved weekend in a nice hotel with her husband. My plan was to finally get to play the Wii-game "Endless Ocean". You see, I found out that you can dive with... goblin sharks in the game! The children - twins of 6.5 years and a boy of 4.5 - found the game very boring. Lots of English text and then you are slowly swimming around. They went out to play with their friends instead, so I got the game all for myself and fell in some sort of trance... It almost felt like diving - without the pain in my ears that I always get after a few dives irl.

I've been finning around quite a good deal, but so far no goblin sharks. I need to get equipment to be able to dive deep, I guess. Now I'm waiting until I can put the children in bed so I can continue my quest!

I also have the game "Fishing Master". Somehow you will be able to see goblin sharks in the fish market, but so far I haven't found out how. Has anyone else tried these games?


Feylamia said...

Endless Ocean is a brilliant game, but I haven't seen the goblin sharks yet. Can't wait for the great white to show up. :)

Hajcharlott said...

Oh, are the GW's as well? I'm back home now so I can't continue my quest at the moment.