Tuesday, August 4, 2009

2010 International White Shark Symposium



The Organizing Committee invites participation in the 2010 International White Shark Symposium: Resetting Research and Conservation Objectives.

The symposium will be held 7-10 February at the New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel, on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii. Our understanding of this magnificent apex predator has been hindered by its large size and uncommon occurrence.

Through technological advances and sheer perseverance, white sharks are suddenly revealing some aspects of their secret lives. What was once an exceptionally difficult animal to study in the field has now been thoroughly tracked moving between coastal and pelagic habitats. What was once an impossible animal to maintain in captivity has now successfully been displayed in public. These major advances define the purpose of this meeting: a gathering of leading white shark researchers from around the world, to share the latest findings and discuss how they should influence modern research and conservation goals.

Time will be dedicated to round table discussions of important issues, including hotspots, cage diving, modern threats, research ethics and conservation policies. All participants are encouraged to submit manuscripts for what will be an important dedicated book of the proceedings.


SharkinJohn said...

OOO Jawesome! What kind of access to the suaree and/or discussions will average White Shark Freaks have? Other than the full reports I am sure we will see on this blog lol!

David C. Bernvi said...

I posted this event in the Save the Great White Shark Group in facebook and by now 20 people from around the world plan to show up.