Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cornwall Cage Diving Operators Association

A new association is being set up to monitor operators who run shark cage diving in Cornwall. Since 2005 locals and visitors have been able to go cage diving with blue sharks. It's hoped it'll ensure high standards in this new type eco-tourism.

Blue shark cage diving first started in Cornwall in 2005. It was set up by Richard Peirce, who is an acknowledged expert on sharks.

In 2006 he set up Shark Cornwall to promote shark eco-tourism in Cornwall and the rest of the UK and to increase public awareness of sharks in British waters.

Richard says: "We're very keen that people who are going to do this should learn how to do it from somewhere. There is only two ways to get involved in something new. One is trial and error and the other is by having someone tell you how to do it. Trial and error is a very dangerous thing to do in a game like this."

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