Friday, August 7, 2009

Shark Diver


xxxevilgrinxxx said...

There was a time when Shark Week was like my Christmas. A whole week of shark-based programming, how could I not love that?

While I'm still awed by the incredible beauty of these animals, there's a lot less awe in Shark Week for me. The stupidity and lack of respect for the sharks is apparent in every show I've watched so far. This can't bode well for conservation.

George said...

At the end of the day, ratings were up, so I'm sure the suits at Discovery are pleased with themselves.

Production Screamer said...

The final ratings numbers are not in. Granted they might be higher than last year.

Q: Where do they go from here?

Short of feeding a live Shetland Pony to a white shark?

I can see it now.

Shark Week 2010 - "Watch this show or this pony gets dropped into the ocean".

Hmmm, there's a ratings booster, oh network!

Anonymous said...

shark week is awesome!!!! get a grip on yourself -"brand damage"... the more drama you guys create the more attention shark week will get - and that means higher ratings... any press is good press... good or bad. so keep giving them bad press and the ratings will continue to climb...

badtv said...

Shark week is crap ...shark after dark episode was alright I guess.
I didn't bother to watch the other episodes.

Shark Diver said...


This blog has about as much "juice" as a street sweeper at the end of an elephant parade.

All we can do is call it as we see it. The DC ratings juggernaut is something to behold.

Jett Britnell said...

Bravo, Patric!

Discovery Channel's Shark Week jumped the shark long ago. It is high time that they are taken to task for continuing to promote negative stereotypes about sharks. It's been a long time coming, but change is gonna come. Keep up the good fight.

Jett Britnell