Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shark Diver

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SharkinJohn said...

I watched the vids on Frenzied Waters and thought it was a really good waste of camera work. Just like the kayak one in the post. Its all coming down to being b-rated horror shows. Next years Shark Week will probably be produced by the SAW filmakers.
I for one usually only get excited about shows specifically on Great Whites because they have always been my fav, but I would definitely enjoy a show on the Whale Sharks you guys came across.
OR give us a show that goes INSIDE the Shark Fin Trade globally. Where we get to see WHO exactly is all behind Shark Finning. Take the film crew to people and places still serving Shark Fin Soup and put them on Shark Week. That may be the best way Discovery can help Sharks and get ratings. Kind of like the filmaker who did the Cove.
And "Sharks After Dark" is just a ripoff of the show my buddy Ryan Johnson did LAST YEAR on NatGeo, "Sharkville". That show was class act. No horror and gore, just facts. God bless ya Ryan!