Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Go Kids Go! - Commercial Shark Diving

When it comes to marketing for the commercial shark diving industry what you often get is a patchwork of efforts around the world with regional flavors.

New media sites like You Tube and Facebook have helped the industry grow, feeding positive images and video to a growing adventure tourism base.

But the granddaddy of all marketing efforts is toy marketing. Today we would like to congratulate Toys R Us for marketing the Playmobile Nautical Expedition Playset: Shark Diver to the next generation of shark expedition seekers.

Kudos on the effort it's hard not to like this toy.

Product Description

It takes an adventurous person to go underwater diving with the sharks! Includes a figure dressed in diving gear, underwater cage, camera, and shark. Both the shark and underwater cage can float in water.

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