Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Australia's "Monster Shark" - The Facts

The news media is having a field day with the story of a 10 foot white shark with two giant bites out of its side, indicating that perhaps a much larger shark, as large as 20 feet might have been involved.

We took a look at the images this week and came to the conclusion "if" this animal was in fact 10 feet long, these bites could be the result of a very, very large white shark.

Some have cried foul and declared this image to be photoshopped, others have suggested this image is a complete fake. Still others have said that men, not a shark, carved up the carcass.

We decided to find out the truth and made a series of phone calls to various agencies in Australia today and here's what we know:

1. This is a real image, or so says The Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries manager Tony Ham who told us "this is a confirmed 3.3 meters white shark, caught by our contractor, he measured the primary bite mark at 50 centimeters or twenty inches."

2. The sole contractor who catches sharks in the region has been doing so for Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries since 1986.

3. Tony Hams team estimate from the 50 centimeter bite radius, the feeding shark was in the 5.2 meter range or 16-17 feet.

4. Samples were collected from the bitten shark. The shark was dumped at sea following standard protocol. The bites were so severe that the head actually fell off the animal during transit shortly after this image was shot.

5. These are not man made holes in the side of the shark according to Tony Ham, "it is not a faked photo, the photo is absolutely genuine."

Tony Ham went on to say after they released this image to the media and the estimated size of the feeding shark "the sharks size grew by a meter overnight."


Unknown said...

If it's a real photo, why weren't there more photos of it being measured, or when it got into shore, etc, etc. And why was the original file posted on a website titled fake shark picture (Fake-shark-pic_682_915958a)?

John said...

So we all got our answers now.
Thank you very much for taking your time to investigate this !

John said...

@Joe here is another picture

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Hi Joe,

I have no idea mate. I do know what the folks in Australia told me. We posted a direct link to them so anyone can follow up.

I am assuming if these guys have been doing this for as long as they have there's little incentive to start making things up.

The first question you ever ask when faced with fraud or fakery of any sort is "what was in it for them?"

If you can answer that question it's probably fake. For now I am satisfied the images are real, the story is real, and what ever took a bite out of that shark was real as well.