Monday, November 16, 2009

Farallones - ABC News Investigates Tagging Disaster

ABC News I Team investigated the ethics of invasive tagging techniques and the controversy surrounding an extreme white shark tagging mishap at the Farallones. The event was documented by a reality television crew who also fund the research and provide the logistical support for the capture of white sharks.

As far as we know this is the first time in white shark research history that reality television film crews also act as quasi research team members and research funding sources.

We covered our thoughts on this matter in a previous post.

ABC I Team blog coverage post/read comments.


Tom Lang said...

Maria Brown Director of the Farallones Reserve destroyed my faith in the entire sanctuary system.

To equate hooking a shark deep in the throat and stuffing a float into it's mouth and then having to save the animal by ramming metal clippers through it's gills as "going to the dentist" shows she's either completely out of touch or practicing a bizzare form of CYA.

Shame on the entire effort, these animals deserve better.

As for Chris Fischer, a word of advice, stay off the morning shows you come off like a school kid who has just discovered his first Playboy.

Not good.

Not science.

Ramon said...

saw the show they pretty much brutalized these animals

this is a reality tv show not science

who are these clowns anyway?

Anonymous said...

The show was terrible. These guys were cowboys and no one seemed to really care about the animals.

When the team yelled battle stations! I had a bad feeling about where it was going and it just got worse from there.

In the name of science why do we have to create reality television shows?

Amyfederline said...

I think it is important, before jumping to conclusions, to understand the full story surrounding the issue of tagging animals..... the reasons behind why tagging is important, what it can potentially tell us about these fantastic creatures, and how new information (from tagging) could potentially help us better protect sharks in the future.

A short media segment does not always portray both sides of the issue well.

Recently, so much important information has been gained from tagging sea turtles, sharks, elephant seals, dolphins and other large pelagic animals. Similar tagging techniques are used for many of these critters.

Want to learn more about tagging of ocean animals?,,

Anonymous said...

are u kidding? catching a white shark is like catching a striped bass?

what planet are these people from and how stupid do they think the rest of us are?

these animals are being badly hurt for a tv show that much we can see with our own eyes!

Richard Smith said...

From L.A Times today,

Said sanctuary superintendent Maria Brown on the ABC News program: "This research helps us protect white sharks. I equated it to ... it felt like what it's like when I go to the dentist; when you go in, you get a cavity filled. It's something that maybe you don't want to go do, but you do it, it's quick, it's over, it's done."

This woman should be excused from her job for failing to understand pain and suffering of animals.

I wonder aloud if these were whales if she would have the same reaction?

Amyfederline said...

I published a comment this morning and do not see it posted yet. Please respond as to why it is not posted - thank you, Amy

Shark Diver said...

Amy you bring good points to this.

I would suggest though that you follow our posts and comments on this matter from the start.

Yes this is a multi faceted issue, but the fact remains it is also one with a glaring issue of safety for the animals and the controversy of conflict of interest.

We started several weeks ago as supporters of Marine CSI and now, not so sure about that support.

In the case where the reality television film crew are also the ones who own the vessel and who hook the sharks and pay for the research even less so.

Dr.D likened that hooking of a 4500lb white shark to as trivial an event as hooking a striped bass.

That statement on television was an abject distortion of facts, and he lost me right then and there.

George said...

Michael Domeier came off very poorly in the segment, in my opinion. I can understand his defensive posture on the subject, as I'm sure he has good intentions with this program. However, as we all know, perception is everything, and I think the way he handled himself in the ABC clipped has totally shot how he is going to be perceived by the general public.

Anonymous said...

Booo boooo, save the sharks, ban reality television, booo booo!

John said...

Simply like going to the dentist ? Yeah right ! Hope they find a replacement for her !

Evan Burris said...

I agree with the demands of this blog we need to prove this animal is alive and we also need to monitor the animal for the next year.

Let's get moving on this NOW!