Sunday, November 1, 2009

Guy Harvey's Island Grill - Helping Out

Scotty Gray from Florida's Blue Iguana Charters had a problem only we could solve this month.

His buddy at Guy Harvey's Island Grill in Key West needed "something unusual" for this years Island Grill Halloween Fantasy Fest.

That "something unusual" was a Mark V shark cage, the kind that Shark Diver and Shark Divers keeps in storage all over Florida for film and television crews and for our use in the Bahamas and Cuba.

When we asked Scotty what they were planning for the cage he got a little vague, "well, you know, part of the big party this weekend I guess."

The big party featured Guy Harvey himself and an series of well known dive folks, locals, and we're told a few conservation folks as well. After all this is Guy Harvey's place.

The images from last nights party came back, and this one is the only one fit for print, taken very early in the evening. When folks in Key West celebrate Halloween, they celebrate Halloween.

Nothing gets held back and apparently our Mark V shark cage, designed for hard encounters with white sharks, tigers, and giant squids...was a hit with the ladies.

Glad we could help out. After all if you have shark cages, use them.


John said...

Shouldn't they be concentrating on the animal instead of posing like monkeys....

Shark Diver said...

It's a bar, on Halloween, in the Keys...we didn't expect too much;)

John said...

sorry wanted to post that in the Fishing for Great White Sharks - Farallons comment

Shark Diver said...

Oh by the way the cage did have four signs on it, two of them were for the Shark Free Marinas Initiative.

Hopefully someone saw them...chances are they did not, 55,000 people down there this year.

Shark Diver said...

Now it makes sense;)