Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lithodes galapagensis "all you can eat"

The place on the Internet for underwater news is Underwater Times.

They have been the leader in "breaking underwater news" from whale strandings to this weeks announcement of a new species of King Crab discovered by Sally Hall, a PhD student at the University of Southampton's School of Ocean and Earth Science (SOES).

As huge fans of crustaceans in all forms this is an exciting announcement. Unfortunately Lithodes galapagensis is found in deep water off the Galapagos and is much bigger than it's Alaskan cousins.

Looks like a tasty discovery to us.

Can anyone say Deadliest Catch Galapagos?


Anonymous said...

Are they really a leader in breaking underwater news? It's always seemed to me that they were just at the forefront of republishing someone else's new release under their own byline (sometimes verbatim).

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Not too sure about that, hey if you can point us our to a better underwater news source we'll be happy to look.

Tessa said...

$8.99 a lb?

Unknown said...

I'd say leave the ocean alone!!

Do you have to predate on everything that looks tasty???

Do we need more stupid shows on the discovery channel to show us the ways in which the ocean is ripped off day to day? Do we need more shows to present the multiple ways in which the world could end in order to distract us from what is happening NOW everywhere and that we can actually DO something about?

You call yourself a shark diver? You should know better

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Hi Jorge,

We agree with you this post was "in jest," if you know anything about our company you'll note we have been at the forefront of serious shark research and conservation efforts since 2003.

Still after reading your bio I understand how you came to be angry.