Friday, December 4, 2009

Scamming The Blog - Useless Film Promotion

A few weeks ago we got a series of emails from blog reader "Ethan" directing us to a seemingly "leaked clip" from a new film questioning the fundamental numbers of shark conservation. Ethan also contacted other Blue Bloggers with the same clip.

"100 million animals are killed each year."

As it turns out the leaked clip was not so leaked and is part of a half assed production now titled "The Shark Con." The premise being if you absolutely enrage dedicated members of the shark conservation movement by highlighting a few zero credibility, lowbrow naysayers, people will buy your film.

As we did not buy Tiburon Productions last half assed shark film we'll be giving this next effort a wide berth and are a little disappointed they did not approach us directly so we could have told them officially to go "crawl back under a rock."

In the interests of watching folks lose their minds to outrage here is the You Tube clip they are peddling around to anyone who will watch so you can post nasty controversial messages like this one:

"You're full of shit and I think you know you are full of shit. This is an attempt to make money and protect your interests by deliberately deceiving people. Find something useful to do with your time instead of destroying species that have every right to exist and which are vital for the health of our oceans."

On a personal note, with as much shark footage as Tiburon Productions have in the can and obvious desire to be part of the shark conservation movement, why bother with this effort?

Manufacturing controversy is as easy as following Sea Shepherds Whale Wars and a media world where facts mean little. Providing real and tangible solutions to shark declines is where the grunt work begins.

That is what we call shark conservation.

What, you afraid of some heavy lifting boys?


Shore Shark said...

another film by mr baseball cap?

why does he even bother anymore the last one, rednecks go diving, was a joke!

DaShark said...

Good call guys.

Still, this is only possible because stupid people allow themselves to be filmed clowning around on Tiger Beach, because stupid boat operators allow that to happen on their watch and because others utter stupid expert opinions.

Same old same old really, Shark media hara kiri exposed.

Anonymous said...

The whole "baseball cap" thing is the real joke. On slightly more stupid is the guy who wears it to hand feed Lemon sharks.

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Yeah but I am a bit chagrined that they, Tiburon "baseball cap" Productions, trotted out some of the anti conservation bottom feeders to make a conservation film.

It's like taking the rabid Rapture Fearing Anti Global Warming Loons and giving them a platform to make a point.

What's the point?

Yes, we get it, make the Honest Data Fearing Global Warming Folks absolutely insane so they will purchase your film.

Interesting way to make a film.

ben said...

Yeah too much to expect for a real film about sharks hun?

nate b said...

Pretty self serving little clip. Invite some anti-shark loons to the lens to create controversy and then sell your film.


Anonymous said...

So these guys hate sharks what's the big deal a lot of people hate sharks.

Dixion Divers said...

Martinez and company are a pack of jokers and this film is EXACTLY what I have come to expect by these guys.